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Enlightenment in Buddhism is the attainment of the supreme knowledge, Wisdom. To attain this Wisdom, we have to understand the fact of our basic of lives. The fact of life is to be born, grew old, and die at last. In between everyone has experience in suffering of feeling pain, experience loss or harm, enduring misfortune, etc. This fact is that everyone is experience its many times in those life circles. There is a way to get out of these life circles, called the middle way of practice, the Eight Noble Path.

Birth, Aging, Death are distressful. Sorrow, Upsetting, Troubling are distressful. Association with things disliked is distressful, separation from things liked is distressful, not getting what one wants is distressful. In brief, the clinging to body, feeling, memory, imagination, and consciousness are distressful. Because of body, feeling, memory, imagination, and consciousness are inconstant. Anything that is inconstant, it is not-self. Therefore it is distressful. All creatures are inconstant. All teachings are not-self. Be wise to clearly see the truth of birth, aging, death, sorrow, upsetting, troubling ,distressful and then make yourself practice toward enlightenment.